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52 Week Affirmation Deck

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TackleBox Finance 52 Week Affirmation Deck

Strengthening the mind one card a time

  • High-Quality on-the-go deck carrier to re-center yourself anywhere
  • Uplift yourself or share with those around you

This 52-Card Deck serves to inspire, uplift, and motivate you through life and on your financial abundance journey. All changes in life start within the mind. Utilize the deck to remind you of your innate power and ability to accomplish all things your heart desires. The cards come packed in a convenient mint tin, easy to carry around with you wherever you go. Place the cards around your home, car, workplace, or anywhere you will see them often. Spread abundance by offering cards to friends, family, children, and coworkers. Meditate on a different card each week or each morning and bring its positive energy into your day.