Alyssa Bowser, born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania is the author of the series TACKLEBOX, a three-part series. Wisdom, Preparation, Execution, that takes readers on a financial journey from beginning to end. Following the same steps she has taken herself, incorporating information from as many reputable and experienced sources as she can. Born November 12th 1995, this author and financial coach has been committed to her financial future since her freshmen year as a college student at Arcadia University where she mastered in International Business and Culture and minored in French Language.

As a dance teacher in the Philadelphia area, Alyssa sees, first hand, the people of her community struggle with financial success, often due to lack of knowledge. Through both trial and error she has learned from her failures. This learning has led to financial success that anyone can replicate and even surpass. 

1 year after graduating with her Bachelors, Alyssa bought her first home at the age of 22 years old. By the age of 24, Alyssa purchased a second property and managed to bring her credit score to 800 all while completing her Master’s in Business Administration with a minor in Project Management, at West Chester University.

Speaking with friends and family, Alyssa began to realize how many people didn’t know where to start. It was then that she decided to create the first book, TACKLEBOX The 90 Day Financial Journal, Series 1: Wisdom. The 90 day journal is a journal anyone can start with. No matter where you are in your financial journey, this journal will accelerate your success and build the habits you need for a lifetime.


Her advice to people starting their financial journey is simple: be intentional, be consistent, and share your knowledge.